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Website Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy

The following terms and conditions affect any person or entity who/which accesses this website (“the User”) and their legal rights: any User should read them carefully. The User accepts that access to this website and the use of information on it are subject to these terms and conditions, and User agrees to abide by and act in accordance with them. The User warrants that any information he/she/it (“it”) has entered upon registration or which it gives to Dunhill at any time is and shall be truthful and correct.

  1. The Dunhill Recruitment website

    The website contains information concerning Dunhill, and forward looking statements such as forecasts and plans for development of Dunhill’s technology and products (“the information”). Notwithstanding any of the other provisions of these terms and conditions, while all reasonable security precautions have been taken by Dunhill, the nature of communication over the Internet is such that Dunhill cannot guarantee the privacy or confidentiality of any information passing over the Internet. User accepts that electronic messaging and Internet usage may not be free from interference by unauthorised persons and may not remain confidential. The use of Dunhill’s Website and the transmission of information, including confidential information over the Internet is at the Users sole risk.

    Dunhill makes no representations on the website to the User as to the services or products supplied by Dunhill. Messages and information passing over the Internet may not be free from interference by third parties and should be independently verified. Information provided on this website is subject to change and to being updated without notice from time to time. User accepts and agrees that Dunhill, its employees, officers, and all other persons involved with the provision and maintenance of this website shall not be liable nor bear any responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided and the use of such information is at User’s sole risk.

    Termination of the general effect of these terms and conditions shall not affect the continuance of any clauses which are stated or by their nature are intended to continue after termination nor shall it affect any existing obligations already incurred.

  2. Jurisdiction

    Information appearing on this website is provided in accordance with and subject to the laws of Victoria, Australia and User is hereby advised that, by virtue of its browsing or accessing these pages it has accepted the laws of Victoria as the law governing the conduct and operation of this website and the courts competent in Victoria shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all claims or disputes arising in relation to, out of or in connection with this website and its use.

  3. Indemnities

    User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Dunhill and its successors, assigns, affiliates, officers, directors, partners and employees for any liability, loss, damage, expense, action, claims or demands whether present or future (including reasonable legal fees) and howsoever arising in connection with the use by User of Dunhill website, or from or in connection with the use thereof in accordance with these terms and conditions by Dunhill, save where such loss, damage, expense, action, claim or demand arises due to wilful act or gross negligence on the part of Dunhill.

  4. Intellectual Property

    Copyright © 2011 in all of the material contained on this website and all rights thereto is and are hereby specifically reserved by Dunhill. User acknowledges that Dunhill retains all right, title and interest in its intellectual property, including, without limitation, its trademarks, whether registered or unregistered, design rights, confidential information and copyright material whether contained or reproduced on this website or otherwise. The User shall only use Dunhill’s intellectual property with the express written permission of Dunhill and shall not use the website or the services it offers in any manner which infringes or dilutes Dunhill’s intellectual property rights or which in any way affects the normal exploitation by Dunhill of its intellectual property rights. Under no circumstances can User alter, modify, change or use in relation to any other entity, goods or services, or property which constitutes the intellectual property of Dunhill.

  5. Privacy Policy

    Dunhill may collect information from Users of its website. The information collected on this website shall not be disclosed, sold, shared or rented to others other than as set out in these terms and conditions.

    Users may be requested to provide to Dunhill contact details such as name and address, and a business description. Contact details are used for reference by Dunhill, its directors and employees and the business description may be taken into account by Dunhill, its directors officers and employees in determining what, if any, information or communications Dunhill will provide to the User. User hereby consents to Dunhill communicating with User, and otherwise to the use and disclosure of the information collected for these purposes.

    Users are not obliged to provide any particular information to Dunhill, however should User provide any information it may be used by Dunhill in accordance with these terms and conditions.

  6. Links to other Web Sites

    Although Dunhill encourages reciprocating links to other relevant web sites in the effort to increase visibility to both sites, hyperlinks to other web sites imply neither responsibility for, nor approval of, the information contained in those other web sites on the part of Dunhill.