Dunhill Recruitment - Sales Recruitment Specialists
Bringing Value back into the business of High Quality, Professional Recruitment
Dunhill Recruitment - Sales Recruitment Specialists

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Recruitment Guaranteed Results Exclusive 10% Fee for service Training and Development

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Guarantee Most recruitment firms offer a 3 month replacement guarantee. Not good enough! We believe 6 months guarantee should be a minimum.

Dunhill recruitment is a boutique Recruitment company that has its head office in Melbourne, operates Nationally, and specialises in identifying and securing high quality Candidates for the Sales profession.

We partner with small, medium and larger companies and are focused on providing them with an “All Inclusive”, “Value for Money” recruitment solution.

Our Consultants are industry professionals with many years of experience in their chosen fields and who work closely together as a Team to ensure every assignment receives maximum exposure to the widest possible pool of appropriate Candidates.

We created Dunhill recruitment to be uniquely different in the market place and to enable us to deliver the Highest levels of Customer Service to both our Clients and Candidates.

With so many other Recruitment companies already operating in an extremely competitive market, Dunhill recruitment focuses on offering something truly special. We provide our Candidates with REAL employment opportunities in quality companies and our Clients with the service they deserve and expect.